Information is the key for anticipation and adaptation. 


Big Data, Smart Data, Behavioural Data, Geolocation, Algorithme, ROI, Impact Study, Strategic survey, polls  :

the information collected by our network of connected objects SNIFFY will let you enter

their economy of knowledge and anticipation. 

Here come EAAS or Emotion As A Service ! 

All SNIFFY© systems are embedding patented and connected equipments to measure instantly the impact of your communication campaigns by collecting all the sensitive data available : location, NFC payment, RFID connection, videos, images of purchase to monitor the behaviour of consumers with your product/service or communication support. 

Our solution integrates a facial analysis algorithm that, coupled to machine-learning processes, reports the 7 basic emotions of any purchase action from prospect to client.

7 emotions or 7 families of expression commonly summed up by : joy, sadness, wrath, disgust, fear, surprise or contempt.

The latter emotions can also be recombined in further analysis to measure key-moments that lock the purchase (visual effectiveness, packaging, perfume consistency with visual message, global brand consistency, pricing...)

This information represents strategic keys for decision-making processes for marketing, production and communication. 

The goal : understanding for better conception, production and sales. 

Need of sector studies, strategic surveys or just strenghtening your understanding of any market ?

SAS RJB teams provide you high quality behavioural data for a better decision-making process.

Studies, knowledge and understanding are to avoid any strategic mistake and to anticipate profound market changing trends through the development of local or global patterns that dictate F&B, beauty or artistic trends 


These studies are offered through the subscription of global packs made of olfactory design, production, encapsulation, stock, synchronized display with behavioral data collected and algoritmically-filtered by behavioral psychologists or sensorial marketing analysts as needed or by request. 

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