Brand or product DNA, memory impact, sales boost, brand image awareness, consumer conquest or fidelity... Your communication is Top-1 priority for your brand and your products. 

However, this communication is actually over-used and we witness a consumer attention drop. So communication is less proficient and profitable. 

Be the first to adopt an innovative, impatcful and global 5D (5 human senses) communication to change your user-experience ! 

Enlarge your brand DNA towards olfaction and taste and move to multisensorial communication. 

Brand DNA : Never without my olfactory design ! 

Many brands, lacking a proficient multi-sensorial device, have never developped a pillar of their DNA (if not the most important in their mix marketing): the olfactory. 

Our team will help you create or strenghten this DNA but also your brand image to improve its advertising impact. When Food and Beverage products, as well as beauty ones, are mostly influenced by « the last-meter purchase » they will be revolutionized by SNIFFY systems. Our multi-sensorial communication will plunge your customer into the product or the service itself by his/her emotion triggered with the scent. 

The nose : the masterpiece for communication !  

The human olfactory system shows powerful memorizing capabilities, more powerful than eyes or ears : if you stimulate a nose, you will have better chances that your product or service will be memorized. Thereby, creating an emotional impulse. 

Moreover, the olfaction provides a deep action over the cognitive system and orders to elementary gestures, more or less conscious : sniff the smell of cooked meals when you are not hungry, be sure that you would probably be after, whereas over-stimulating with smells can lead to satiety with therapeutical aspects. 

Associated with the greatest aroma makers in Grasse (France),

Our teams will allow you to create, produce and certify (IFRA) the perfumes needed for communication supports for F&B (wines, spirits, meals...), beauty (perfumes, cares, cosmetics...), or the perfumes for contexts and environments (landscapes, movies, tourism...).

Smell or savor, nothing is impossible for our teams that will start by a first briefing to understand your needs and collect your existing products samples to finely formulate the ad-perfumes.

We will then produce « the formula perfume » from 1 Kg to several Tons, adapting to your advertising scope.

IFRA certifications (International Fragrance Association) of our formula will allow you to abide by all the regulations, laws and trade agreements over the world. 

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