"Boost, conquest, fidelity"

4 Patents - 1 Innovation Prize 2017 
The first perfuming connected objects network 

SNIFFY SOLUTIONS offers you its network of 5D screens technology for multi-sensorial and smart touch display (Digital Out Of Home - DOOH) in Outdoor or Indoor version from 10" (inches) to 75" (inches): SNIFFY© while we work with you to makes you proficiently use your olfactory design and tools by associating images, products on shelves or smells to create a unique, innovative, and impacting customer experience. 

Be the first to adopt this new advertising, but also entertaining standard 

SNIFFY© an innovation network 

Our 5D SNIFFY Smart screens provide new options for a good deployment : Indoor, Outdoor, In-housed-Integrated, touch screen from 10" to 75", sensorial touch windows for shops, SNIFFY integrated into AR-VR evolution spaces to get a better immersion...

Communicative and remotely-controlled ; they are the privileged partners for displayers, producers, or ad agencies. 

Our 5 screens are for sale or leasing over mid-term or long-term. 

All the SNIFFY are equipped with JOCC (Joint Olfactory Connected Cartridges) able to get 1900 consumer/Sniffs, i.e 1900  5D user experiences. Any screen contains from 01 to 08 cartridges for several thousands of user-experiences in autonomy. 

Built around an integrated computer (IOT - Internet of Things), all the SNIFFYs are GDPR-Compliant : any user-experience recorded by the embedded camera will have a compulsory signature with click.  

After creation, production and certification phases of your olfactory designs, SAS JBT provides the know-how of its teams to encapsulate your smell or savor perfume within our connected consuming cartridges « JOCC » (Joint Olfactory Connected Cartridges) that each contain between 9 to 15 various perfumes (or just one!) and address a number of customers ranging from 500 to 5000 per cartridge depending on the standard or dimensions defined with our teams. 

This JOCC is programmed and then delivered with treacability to our SNIFFY device you selected for your multi-sensorial campaign (Shelf n° XX/Department store n°YY...) 

Remotely controlled, SNIFFY will warn our teams of the perfume consumption of the system to better monitor the pace of the campaign and anticipate the next ones. 

All SNIFFY screens can be equipped on demand with camera for emotional behavioral data collect for consumer situations (Consumer Insights). 


Equipments on option possible to collect climate data, air quality or simply transform your 5D screen into WIFI public beacon or hub for advertisement and/or gaming solutions (General information, street-tests for consumption, shopping-screens, phygital strategies...).  

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